Executive Services & Recruitment

For a company to run successfully, it requires a set of talented and experienced team. This team not only oversees the day to day operations of the business but also make both strategic and non-strategic plans that will enhance the continuity of operations. Marketing is one of the greatest contributor to the continuity of business and the role of the head of marketing should therefore be taken up by a qualified, experienced and skilled individual. But what are their day to day roles and under what circumstances do interim executive jobs arise?

Extra information about interim executive jobs

Head of marketing roles 

The head of marketing should ensure high quality communication in all marketing, advertising, sales and any other promotional materials. This ensures that the client understands what the business is trying to communicate, identifies with it and buys the products on offer. The head of marketing must ensure that the communication is consistent in terms of language and grammar, the offer and the quality of the communication channels.

Given the rate at which marketing and advertising is changing, the head of marketing is required to guide the team in identifying the most appropriate marketing channels as well as the optimal use of these channels to increase the number of leads generated. The head of marketing is also responsible for solving any problems related to marketing. He or she is also involved in strategic planning as they help other executive teams in projecting sales, projecting sales channels and marketing strategies for the given duration.

Executive Corporate Services

For smaller organisations, hiring a large number of executives is elusive given their budget constraints. However, this does not imply that the company cannot access executive corporate services. Businesses can outsource such services from experienced and specialised consulting firms. But what services can they get?

First, business advisory services where the business gets expert advice on client and consumer trends, business cycles, industry trends and many other aspects. These services can be technical or they can touch on soft skills. Secondly the business may obtain financial management, accounting and tax planning services which ensure that the business's finances are handled by experts. This enhances compliance with taxation, financial reporting and accounting standards for the specific industry. The services offered may include tax planning to minimise the tax liability.

Third, it may involve advice on carrying out business in foreign countries where the consulting form helps the business in identifying hurdles, legal or otherwise, that must be solved before business can commence. It may also be with regards to the collaboration with foreign entities either operating within the UK or elsewhere.

Interim Executive jobs

These may involve any type of executive and will arise in a number of situations including when the executive job has just been established and the business has not hired someone to hold it, when the holder of the office resigns from active duty, when the office holder is incapacitated to the extent that they cannot discharge their duties, when the office holder is fired, when the office holder is promoted or in some cases, when the office holder is overwhelmed by the work and requires help.